Motivation and COVID-19 – I’ll Make This Simple For You

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Well, here we are again. I haven’t written a blog in a long time due to prioritising other business and personal related things. BUT here we are! In a freaking pandemic with some extra time on my hands to challenge your perspective and deliver some value to YOU, the reader!

I LOVE blogging. It is a chance for me to empty my mind of deep thoughts and creep into the mind of others and challenge them. Hold onto your seat whilst I empty my mind into text and generate something that has the potential to challenge how you think!

“The smallest change in perspective can transform a life. What tiny attitude adjustment might turn your world around?” – Oprah Winfrey

SO, here are two subjects that quite frankly can bore me to tears and I am sure you are sick of hearing about them too. 1. MOTIVATION and 2. COVID-19 – The last thing I want to do is ramble about motivation or give you another bit of news about COVID-19. Instead, I want to simplify motivation and share with you my experience of coaching many people online during the time we have all been transitioning into isolation. The end goal of this blog post is so that YOU can potentially take away something that adds value and positivity to your life.

A Quick Brief

As a 28yr old, I have always been interested in how people think, why we react to certain things, how we become the way we are – psychology, love it! So naturally I jumped into personal training/coaching 5+ years ago, opened Ultra Fitness and Strength Gym 4+ years ago and I found out pretty quickly that I had underestimated the amount of psychology involved in being a trainer/coach. I can 100% tell you that it is more psychology than just telling people what to do… I mean, HOW do you change someone’s behavioural habits?? How do you teach them a new cue?? How do you pump them up after they have had a crap day at work?

How do you guide someone into a more beneficial lifestyle when the main reason they have come to you is because there is resistance in their mind about training…? Let’s repeat that: ‘Resistance in their MIND,’ in.. their… mind… MIND meaning, their brain, their thoughts, the biproduct of their life experience. This takes care, relationship building, respect and most importantly understanding why someone is the way they are.

Does this sound like a scenario where you can simply just ‘point and shoot’ at how to do an exercise and walk away…? Not at all. You can be the most knowledgeable teacher in the world but if you don’t know how to transfer information across to each unique individual, you won’t be very successful.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: I have spent A LOT of time thinking about the complexities of motivation and below is how I believe we can simplify it.

Make Motivation Simple – Inspired by Rhi

The most common thing I have noticed with everyone I coach transitioning into isolation is adjusting to a new routine without a gym and “finding that motivation again.” I’m talking about 80% of the many people I have spoken to. In fact, an Ultra member who I have coached for years and good friend, Rhiannon was finding similar troubles recently and I am going to use her story as an example to potentially inspire YOU.

“The things you can see only when you slow down.” – Haemin Sunim

Before reading this next part, I want you to open your mind and give yourself permission to explore how my conversation with Rhi can benefit YOU.

“JAKEMOOONDOOOOO!! Hope youre well! Last 2 weeks have been a killer. Not gonna lie, only trained once and it was half a session. So difficult to find a groove at home….. but enoughs enough, was making great progress. So kicking it back into gear!!!”

“I may blog about this during the week with the extra time I have! But the true key to motivation really doesn’t need to be complicated. Motivation comes from a reason why you are doing it.

Which one of these two things motivates you Rhi:
1. I need to train to be healthy
2. I need to train to be healthy for my son, husband and family. I also want to look and feel strong/healthy for myself. <imagine how you want to feel and look. How would your life be?>.

The answer is obvious. Number two. You need to remember the reasons why you are training on a daily basis. Without reminding ourselves why we are training, why the fuck would we be motivated? We don’t even remember why we are doing it! What energy is behind the training now?? NOTHING because there is NOTHING in our head to remind ourself.

Get inspired. Remind yourself why. Read, listen and watch things that inspire AND REMIND you every single day why you are doing it.



What you just read was legit parts of my conversation with Rhiannon over message. I Believe it demonstrates how simple you can make such a complex thing like motivation. I am not claiming that I know everything, I am claiming that I believe I have an effective way of looking at motivation that can benefit you.

Rather than diving deep into the ‘why’ of your motivation, think of a scenario or many scenario’s that make you FEEL INSPIRED, energetic and pumped up. Now, STOP RIGHT THERE. No need to question why you feel this way or go any further.

The next step is REMINDING yourself daily. Remind yourself of the feeling, the feeling of being inspired. Whether that is through reading, writing, watching or listening it does not matter. Just do something every day that reminds you!

Oh ho! Here comes the MOTIVATION folks!!! Through being inspired and reminding yourself constantly you literally don’t have to go any further. What you will find is through the energy you produce; your behaviours will start to change naturally!

INSPIRE>REMIND>MOTIVATED… That’s it… No need to over think it. that’s all you need to do.

Thank you for reading this blog post! I really hope you got something out of it. I’ll be blogging once a week and continue to make a habit of it. Perhaps, I am motivated… 😉

– Jake Fisher


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