Optimistic Propulsion

Should we be miserable and feeling sorry for ourselves because our current situation is so uncertain and the deaths and struggle around the world are heart breaking? YES we fucking should be miserable, it is a lot for us to take on BUT I am here to tell you I believe now is the time to start standing the fuck back up and moving forward the best you can!

A pandemic certainly feels like we are all waiting to wake up from a bad dream, but lets face it, it is here, it is nasty and we all don’t know how long it will be before things are back to ‘normal.’ Let’s take a backwards step for a second, what the fuck is normal anyway?? Normal is what WE create, and right now is the new normal!

Below I’ll share a message I sent today to someone I coach who is struggling with creating a new ‘normal’ for their training.
“As humans we are very systematic. We need to be doing certain things in certain areas for e.g. the gym is for training, home is for relaxing and the kitchen is for cooking. Imagine if you cooked in the lounge room? That would be weird wouldn’t it… plugging in an electric pan whilst sitting on the couch and watching TV.. Although that is weird, it is definitely possible and not unrealistic at all!

So perhaps using the backyard or some part of the house you can associate as your training area could help.”

My point being that perhaps a good idea is creating somewhere to train that can become your new ‘normal.’

Anyway! We have had enough time to be in shock, be scared and all the other shit emotions that come with the COVID-19 situation. I am not saying to not feel those things, what I am saying is to feel those things and move forward anyway. Feel the feeling and do it anyway!!! It’s not like you will regret it. Imagine saying to yourself “I feel so terrible for being proactive when I was stuck and pulling myself into a more positive life circumstance.” Get out of the mud and stay out!

Fuck Corona - Time to Step Up!

Fuck Corona, I mean it! You are worth more than sitting around and making excuses, it is time to set some new routine patterns, be hard on yourself and stick to the new routine(s) until it feels natural and ‘normal.’ Normal = Clarity, Clarity = Less Anxiety. Clarity is one of the best anxiety relievers from my experience and the only person that loses from being miserable is you… Actually, those around you as well… I would like to take a brief moment to say thank you to my amazing partner Amanda for sticking by me, I had to pull myself out of the mud and had some very awful anxious days at the start of all this.

One thing I would also like to mention is the amount of guilt I see from people who wanted to complete their training and didn’t due to “lack of motivation.” Let me repeat that quickly “WANTED to train but didn’t have MOTIVATION.” The sheer fact that the word ‘wanted’ is in that sentence tells me that we need to stop with the ‘I didn’t have motivation’ crap and do what YOU WANTED! Stop the madness! Complete the training, end the guilt and be the person you want to be!! As the old saying goes – ‘Motivation comes and goes, discipline remains.’

I believe for myself right now that if I am not in a routine it is MY FAULT. I have had enough time to digest the WTF situation, I have certainly had a few challenging periods where I needed to chill and let my subconscious digest what the hell was going on! Especially with having to shut the doors of Ultra Fitness and Strength Gym and executing a reaction plan of moving online and leasing equipment out to make enough revenue to keep the business alive. GEEEZ talk about stressful! Another quick shout out to the incredible Ultra Culture for the support. With your support we will be surviving this Pandemic!!!

‘Alone you can do so little, together we can do so much!’ – Helen Keller

Anyway, my point is to stop being soft… Just kidding!!.. Maybe… But Sort of…

I may come across a little insensitive in this blog post. I am okay with that, I am trying to, because that is going to create an impact and hopefully pulls you further into positive momentum! Now, for those in tough situations like your job being on the line I feel for you, I really do.. I promise I have a heart! BUUUTTT!!! Sometimes we need someone in our life to come across as a dick to be able to look back on it later and go “Man, he was a dick but I am glad he said that.”

So now that I have your attention, let me simplify something that has the potential to rip you into positive momentum like it does for me.

Optimism Opens Doors

Optimism is incredibly underrated in my opinion. It is one thing that can propel you into a state of certainty, an incredible heightened state where decisions become easy and you feel GOOD about your decisions. Anxiety is low when you are optimistic, not to mention you are a better person and people want to be around you.

Like the example of if you are in a car and lose control, rather than looking at the street light you may crash into, it is better to look where you need to be going. This is a real life example with proven statistics of it working. Another clear example that sticks in my head is Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) talking about when he was learning to fly a helicopter and he had to learn to crash land, how petrifying… The instructor clearly told him to look at where the helicopter needs to be, not at the part of the ground he was going to crash on.

‘The only things standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.’ – Jordan Belfort

When you are in an optimistic state you will be looking at where you want to land. When you are in a pessimistic state will be looking at where you will potentially crash. From my experience this applies to the smallest and the largest things of life! To me it is clearly a rule of life and I have always said that true happiness is optional, it is up to us to find and nurture. I am also a very strong believer that happiness is a perspective.

Optimism can be difficult to achieve when we have things like the daily news telling us about all the bad things happening in the world when I bet most people that read this blog wont even know about the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s’ efforts that have yielded a solar-powered public toilet in South Africa, plus a treatment center in Dakar called the Omni Processor, which handles a third of the city’s waste and converts it into water that people drink out of. I believe this is because the news doesn’t get as many views off something like this as it would talking about a murder case as an example. Fear sells.

Optimistic Propulsion Made Easy

How on earth can I, Jake Fisher, give YOU something you can take away that will allow you to be more optimistic right now!

Well, I believe a good start is reading my previous blog – ‘Motivation and COVID-19 – I’ll Make This Simple For You’ if you haven’t already, which is about how to make being motivated really simple and the effects of being inspired.

I believe inspiration gives us a clear direction. You know that feeling when you watch a documentary or a YouTube clip and it gives you that great feeling, that sort of incredible feeling that gives you ideas and makes you want to take action right now!? WELL, that is called being inspired… I believe being inspired is pretty damn close to giving you direction on what way your life should be going. I then believe this feeling puts you in an optimistic state!!

So as this comes together it seems to be quite simple. Get Inspired>Direction>Optimistic State. That’s it.

The same principle as my last blog. Watch, listen, read, write or do something regularly that inspires you! Without it, there is no direction. With no direction, there is no optimism. With no optimism, there is pessimism. I don’t think humans are very good at being neutral, I think we are either falling one way are the other. Either way…. Who the fuck doesn’t want to be happy and optimistic anyway, lets leave it at that haha!!

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I really hope you got something out of it! 😊

– Jake Fisher


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We all don’t know how long it will be before things are back to ‘normal.’ Let’s take a backwards step for a second, what the f** is normal anyway?? Normal is what WE create, and right now is the new normal!


Optimistic Propulsion

We all don’t know how long it will be before things are back to ‘normal.’ Let’s take a backwards step for a second, what the f** is normal anyway?? Normal is what WE create, and right now is the new normal!