Feel the burn


Work until hard becomes easy


The Ultra Burner says it all in the title! Come in for a 45-60 minute Burn!! We keep these classes spicy with lots of variation to keep you stimulated and motivated towards your goals. These classes are for all fitness/strength levels, you can expect to see exercises such as sled sprints, KB Swings, skipping, dead ball slams, body weight exercises and many other goodies!

These sessions are run by our highly qualified coaches to make sure you are moving well and are progressing towards your goals safely and efficiently.


  • Ultra Training Systems is our unique online training system that can be used remotely or intertwine with our 24hr access gym with staffed coaching hours.
  • Tailored training programs, progress tracking, video archive, education and much more!
  • 24hr access to message your coach.
  • Be a part of an incredible supportive online and face to face community.


Won’t Happen In One Day

don't give up without trying