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At Ultra Fitness and strength Gym we pride ourselves in our highly knowledgeable coaching team to take care of you, your goals and provide you with a personalised plan on how to move forward. As a part of your membership you will receive 24hr access on top of being able to come in during the staffed coaching hours for extra guidance and support.

Being a part of the Ultra community means you will receive tailored programming sent through our unique online training system ‘Ultra Training Systems’ that can be used at any gym or intertwine with our 24hr access gym.

Ultra training systems

  • Ultra Training Systems is our unique online training system that can be used remotely or intertwine with our 24hr access gym with staffed coaching hours.
  • Tailored training programs, progress tracking, video archive, education and much more!
  • 24hr access to message your coach.
  • Be a part of an incredible supportive online and face to face community.


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