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Ultra Fitness And Strength

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At Ultra Fitness and Strength we pride our self in our highly knowledgeable coaching team to take care of you, your goals and provide you with a personalised plan on how to move forward.

As a member of Ultra Fitness and Strength Gym you will receive individual programming sent week to week by your coach. Your programming is sent based off how last week went and what we need to do to move forward towards your goals.

The finer details

You will be provided with an online booking app that allows you to book in your coached session times with the flexibility of being able to cancel and reschedule understanding that life can be busy!

  • Holistic training focused on your goals
  • Guided by one of our expert coaches
  • Weekly Individualised programming
  • Heavy technique and injury prevention focus
  • Education based training
  • Accountability

be a better version of yourself

need to know

  • class time is Based off personalised planned session
  • Online Booking App
  • Train around like minded people
  • group sizes of up to 10 people

Won’t Happen In One Day

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