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At Ultra Fitness and Strength our head Powerlifting coach Jake Fisher specialises in this field with his best competition lifts featuring a 332.5kg/733lb Squat, a 200kg/440lb Bench Press, a 332.5kg/733lb Deadlift and best Powerlifting Total at Arnolds – ProRawX of 857.5kg/1890lb.

Jake has over a decade of experience in the gym, competed on Elite level platforms and has coached 100s of members/athletes including Della Tuimatai who is currently the 3rd strongest Female Powerlifter in Australia in the SHW weight class.

Whether you want to compete or train Powerlifting out of interest, with Jake’s and our Ultra team of expert coaches there will be no issue’s sharing our knowledge and accelerating your progress safely and efficiently around other incredible like minded people. #TheUltraCulture

The finer details

You will be provided with an online booking app that allows you to book in your coached session times with the flexibility of being able to cancel and reschedule understanding that life can be busy!

  • Improve stability/mobility
  • Coached by Jake Fisher
  • Heavy technique focus
  • Individualised weekly programming
  • Increase your squat, bench press and deadlift
  • Competition preparation and coaching

Improve your body power

need to know

  • class time is Based off personalised planned session
  • Online Booking App
  • Train around like minded people
  • group sizes of up to 10 people

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