Head Trainer

Jake Fisher

Need the push? Jake will motivate you!


I have been in the Fitness/Strength Industry for over 5 years and have been training consistently in the gym for over a decade. I have competed heavily in Powerlifting for 6+ years which includes invite only World Stages such as Las Vages, Sydney Olympic Park and at Arnolds Sports Festival – ProRawX

Although my life is dedicated to the sport of Powerlifting I am extremely passionate about improving individuals physically and mentally and I understand how important training is for our physical and mental health. I believe my experience through adversity as an athlete and business owner has given me a huge advantage to help apply it with others whether it is through movement and/or the mental approach we need to take for whatever that individuals goals are

“Its just hard. Not impossible.”

  • Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Previous Junior All Time Australian Deadlift Record Holder
    (293kg @ u125kg - age 22)
  • Previous Junior GPC World Record Squat (300.5kg @ u125kg - age 23)
  • Competed at multiple elite level and world class Powerlifting events such as Sydney Olympic Park, Las Vegas and Arnolds Sports Festival - ProRawX
  • Competed in Strongman
  • Coached 100s of clients/athletes including the current 3rd Strongest SHW Female Powerlifter Della Tuimatai in Australia

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